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X-Men west coastEdit

X-men team based in Los Angeles, California. 


The X-Men west coast were tasked with two missions: haulting magneto's influence in the western United States and acting as liason's for mutants seeking safety and acceptance. The team was originally comprised of ten young and inexperienced graduates of Xavier's school. For two years the team ran routine PR campaigns to change the public's view on mutants. By their second year they had persuaded a multi-billion dollar PR company to sponsor them. The team's new sponsor provided the team with a base of operations on the top floor of the company building, 55 stories up and dubbed by the public the "X-Tower" . The team Operated unopposed for another six months before the newly established MRD launched an assault on their headqurters. Six of the ten team member's were killed in the ambush, leaving the survivors to run for their lives. 


-Derek Acerbi

-Ashley Griffin

-Yuri Ivanov

-Andrew White

Deceased MembersEdit

-Dominic Giovanni

-Susan Arnold

-Fredrick Armstrong

-Donald O'Neil 

-Veronica Melbourne

-George Murphy

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