Awards needing to be created:

Edit awards should say the Following:

"You have been awarded the {{{AWARD NAME}}} by {{{USERNAME}}} for getting {{{EDIT AMOUNT}}} Edits! Congratulations on your hard work and dedication to servicing the wiki. We hope that you continue to keep up the great work!

~The Administration Team


500 edits - Toad Award

1,500 edits - Mr.Fantastic Award

3,000 edits - Hawkeye Award

5,000 edits - Spider-Man Award

10,000 edits - Iron Man Award

15,000 edits - Hulk Award

20,000 edits - Wolverine Award

30,000 edits - Captain America Award

40,000 edits - Green Goblin Award

50,000 edits - Magneto Award

75,000 edits - Dr.Doom Award

100,000 edits - The Phoenix Award


Leadership Award - Fury Award

Kindness Award - Kitty Award

Helpfulness Award - Jean Award

Rollback award - Storm Award

Admin Award - Cyclops

Bureaucrat Award - Xavier Award

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