How to avoid Over powered Characters

Hey everyone! 

It just seems like there has been a bit of difficulty trying to figure out what powers characters get and what not, so I'm here to explain it all to you in the best way I know how. Also, please remember, this is sort of required:

  1. Choose one basic power for your student character, and stick with it
    • We don't want to see a character that can have super strength but somehow can also create a tornado
  1. Also remember that if they are just beginning to go to Xavier's School, make sure they're basic enough to learn things as they go there to better improve their powers.
  2. And lastly, make sure you say what things you want you character to eventually be capable of
    • We want to make sure everyone gets the character you want, but you gotta make sure to make all information fully informative

So now I want you to do what I've been doing on The Student Documents:

Please please please PLEASE make sure to say what improvements you want your character to have and what grade they get those improvements

Hope all of this made sense.


(Comment in the box as I did)


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