Same as before just with the iconic chest teleporter

This is the same as the other design but with his iconic chest teleporter

This page is dedicated to my comic book that is currently in the works. I am completely new to this and if you were nice, it would be appreciated. As i say, it is a work in progress and any suggestions would also be appreciated.

Main characterEdit

Deadpool is the main character where he is sent through a portal with a team of adamantium wielding warriors to neutralise
Initial Deadpool suit concept art

An initial design of the Deadpool suit

Thanos the titan once and for all.


After going through an extra-dimensional portal whilst touching Rogue, Deadpool absorbed her power replication and his rapid mental healing factor meant that any powers he absorbs, do not fade over time. This story takes place in the Marvel zombie universe where Deadpool goes on a quest for powers and relics but can he stop the titan Thanos who makes another attempt for omnipotence. Follow Deadpool and his team of super assassins in the fight for survival against endless waves of zombie hordes and a death loving titan set on destroying the universe.

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