The weapon X program is being relaunched, but this time in Chechnya, Russia. There has been over 100 000 test subjects. And this particular one named Magomed Kurbanov (later Reflex), happened to be the "only" one to survive the weapon X program. Magomed is a mujaheed who fought against the Russian Rebels for freedom in Chechnya, but was caught by the evil forces. This weapon X program was much more gruesome than the previous one, the prisoners were treated worse than animals. Over 85 000 of the test subjects were killed due to bodily failures, while over 12 500 commited suicide. Magomed were scarred mentally due to what he went through there, and was never the same person ever again. 

After Magomed was done treated, he killed all of the staff there, burned the place and vanished. The X-men have been sent on a quest to find Magomed but it has been a failure so far. 

Before Magomed went to war in 1994. He was a nice man with a pretty wife and two daughters. They were all killed by the Russian army and that is why he joined the fight against them. He fought against the Russians for 5 straight years, and was taught a lot of things. Such as: Anatomical Intuition, 'Escape Intuition, 'Medical Intuition, 'Pressure Point Intuition, 'Survival IntuitionAgriculture Intuition, 'Animal Intuition, 'Hunting Intuition, 'Interrogation Intuition, 'Killing Intuition, 'Martial Arts Intuition, 'Psychological Intuition, 'Trapping Intuition.

Magomed calls himself Reflex because that is what his best friend used to call him. And it also makes sense due to his unnatural quick reflexes.

Powers & AbilitiesEdit

Super Agility: Reflex is unnaturally more agile than a normal human, due to his capabilities being pushed beyond the natural level. Making him immensely more agile. To the point that he can go from one motion to another effortlessly, effectively dodge attacks, swing from things easily, sprint, do back-flips and numerous other gymnastic, athletic and martial implements with very little effort. This also accompanies him in combat.

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