This is probably the class that ends up being the most contested, largely because it's made up of extremely powerful mutants, some of whom people will often argue should count as Omega-level, and they consist of roughly 10% of all mutants. Alpha level mutants are very powerful individuals whose mutation features no significant drawbacks. Note that while Alpha mutants aren't notably hindered by their mutation itself, they can possess other extraneous disabilities, impairments, and general encumberances; an example would be Professor X, who, while unable to use his legs, is an extremely formidable telepath. Good examples of this class of mutant are Dazzler, Magneto, Storm, Gambit and Rogue (as she is currently, able to control her power-siphoning abilities). Note that this level also encompasses characters with abilities that are considered more powerful than average that have negative mutations, and therefore covers a very wide range of individuals.

~Not fully controlable Yet very powerful Mutants (Some many be able to control their powers but not all live long enough to do do so or try cus it may kill them)~

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