Andrew White

Andrew WhiteEdit

An accomplished mutant and one of four remaining members of X-men west coast.


Born and raised in a commune, Andrew always had a close relationship with his parents until one day when he was fourteen and discovered his hidden spirit physiology abilities. unable to reposses his original body he was rejected by his family and the commune and dubbed a demon. afraid and with no where to go, andrew spent several months in the woods until the day he was contacted and recruited by the X-men. with assistance from the X-men Andrew learned how to not only take retake control of his body but other's bodies as well. Later Andrew would join the X-men west coast as a high ranking member. He would then escape the MRD ambush with his three friends Derek Acerbi, Ashley Griffin, and Yuri Ivanov.


Andrew is usually very hyper, kind and fun-loving. however this is only to hide his fear of rejection and loss. Andrew might be a  mutant but he is still a hippie at heart. He believes in always taking a non-violent approach to conflicts, usually relying on his powers to painlessly subdue his opponents.


Andrew is a 22 year old male with shoulder length blonde hair and green eyes. stands 5' 9" and weighs in at 152 lbs. Like his teammates, Andrew wears specialy tailored clothing that allow him to look casual and blend in, without restricting him in risky situations.


- Capable of seperating his spirit from his corporeal body and assume a spirit physiology


-X-men West Coast

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