Agent Shrap


Agent Jonas Shrap was born in Northern UK. After what happened in New York, thrill-seeking Jonas knew exactly where he needed to be. He came to America, since one of the only heroes they had in the UK were Captain Britain and John the Skrull, who was believed to be dead at the time. Jonas came to America went through SHIELD training, became a level four agent, and has since been bumped up to level seven agent. He has made easy friendships with heroes such as Steve Rogers, Tony Stark, Phil Coulson and Nick Fury. He is also believed to be one of the youngest and smartest SHIELD agents. He also knows how to pilot the Helicarrier if there is an emergency accident with Maria Hill, Phil Coulson or Nick Fury.


Jonas’ personality is a serious and smart SHIELD agent during high class emergencies, but he can also be a hyperactive, fun and loveable friend if it is an easy day in New York. He sticks up for his beliefs, as well as friends and family. He does not like to see people in a bad mood, so he always likes to try and cheer people up with jokes or stories that were once told to him when he was down and needed some cheering up.

Other Information

Nationality: British Age: 18 Birthday: January 17th 1996 Favorite Color: Black Favorite Food: Shrimp Favorite Movie: Catching Fire Favorite Book: The House of Hades Educational Information: Studied until senior year of high school until he joined SHIELD

Weapons or Artilery

Jonas sticks to the classic agent equipment, such as: pistols, Tasers, nightsticks, and sometimes carries handcuffs just in case, and sometimes, just rarely, he’ll use the Destroyer gun.

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